As an artist I combine the concepts of contemporary art with creative action in society, creating art projects in collaboration with individuals, communities, companies & institutions. Art can bring people together and foster understanding of each other and the world. The artists view offers valuable insights for our lives, our development and our society.

As a therapist I provide a save environment to whole-bodily explore the realm beyond (yet) denoted and consciously fathomed life experiences. I am specialized in contemporary arts therapy working in, with and in-between multiple medias like: painting, drawing, collage, movement, dance and performance, installation and sculpture, video, photography and animation, music and singing, poetry and writing.

I am focusing on work-, as well as family-based stress & burn-out, anxiety or depression, loss, bereavement and grief, working in long term as well as short term therapy with adults, young adults and children.”


Judith Revers completed her fine arts diploma (2006) as well as her PhD (2014) at the Academy of fine arts Vienna. In her doctor thesis she investigates the relationship of contemporary art and television. Additionally, Judith finished a master’s degree (2018) in expressive arts therapy at Medical School Hamburg (MSH) with a dissertation in which she highlights the therapeutic aspects of Marina Abramovic’s performance art piece ‘The Artist Is Present’. Since October 2021 Judith Revers has accepted a professorship for Art Therapy at Medical School Hamburg in Germany. Her research is centered around art and emotions, as well as therapeutic aspects in contemporary art. She teaches fine arts practice, art therapy history, art therapy theory, and art therapy practice.

Judith Revers is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) in the U.K., Deutscher Fachverband für Kunst- und Gestaltungstherapie (DFKGT) in Germany, and the European Federation of Art Therapy (EFAT).